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Question: What is the difference between an open or closed booth?
Answer: The open booth simply does not have a curtain. The closed booth has a curtain you can pull behind you for some privacy or a backdrop. Visit us on Facebook to view photos. 

Question: What are recommended photo booth times for weddings?
Answer: We recommend couples book the 4 hour package for weddings. Most couples have the photo booth start after dinner and go approx. as long as the DJ (normally 7pm to 11pm). We find that this time frame works best for most weddings.

Question: What if we go over our hourly package?
Answer: For instance, you book a 3 hour package and end up using the photo booth for 4 hours. Your invoice will be adjusted accordingly and you will be charged for 4 hours.

Question: When do travel fees apply?
Answer: Travel fees apply if traveling outside Sheboygan county.